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Miscellaneous Recordings


Mystery bird (Brian Hansen, Milwaukee in June)

Sound from Lake Park

Carolina Wren in Pheasant Branch

Kentucky Warbler in Wyalusing

Tufted Titmouse in Pheasant Branch


Red Crossbill (NW Wisconsin, near Solon Springs)

Red Crossbill call

Red Crossbill flight (compare with sounds at bottom of page)


Screech Owl (Second Point, UW-Madison)

Screech Owl whinny


Unknown (grebe, snipe or duck in a sedge marsh in Central Wisconsin)

Unknown grebe or snipe


Osprey, Stoughton 6/25



Bird Burlesque Skit (6 be performed at Majestic Theater in Madison...warning: adult content)

Birds, Birds, Birds


Brood X 17-year Cicadas, Bloomington, IN 6/5

Cicadas in the afternoon

Cicada sprinkler-like sound

More Cicadas

Cicadas creaking


Unknown sound from Romania sent to me


Nightsounds 6/17

Bullfrog (at Horicon Marsh)

Common Nighthawk (above Waupun prison)

Virginia Rail (east of Mud Lake)


Chuck-will's-widow, Vernon County 6/7

Chuck-will's-widow (8 seconds)


Barred Owls going nuts, 6/7

Barred Owls (13 seconds)


Red-headed vs Red-bellied Woodpecker, Wyalusing SP, 5/8

At least 3 woodpeckers together, no good visual ID on which one was singing when. 

A- Red-headed Woodpecker ?

B- Red-headed Woodpecker ?

C- Red-headed Woodpecker  Chatter ?

D- Woodpeckers, baby crying   Are those 2 different Red-bellies?

E- Red-bellied Woodpecker


Crex Meadows 5/4/04

Wolves (or coyotes?)

Upland Sandpiper

Sharp-tailed Grouse

American Bittern

Crex trio (Yellow Rail, Am Bittern, Sedge Wren)


Black-throated Green Cardinal, Pheasant Branch 4/28/04

Black-throated Green Cardinal MP3


Purple Finch, Pheasant Branch 4/28/04

Purple Finch MP3


Great Blue Heron, Devil's Lake SP 4/07/04

Great Blue Heron MP3

Great Blue Heron (2) MP3

Great Blue Heron (2) Real Media


Snow Buntings, NW WI 2/03

Snow Buntings MP3


Northern Saw-whet Owl whiny screams, Devil's Lake SP 11/19/03

Northern Saw-whet Owl MP3


Tundra Swan overhead at night, Devil's Lake SP 11/19/03

Tundra Swans overhead MP3


Unknown bats - actually Flying Squirrels, Devil's Lake SP 11/19/03

Unknown bats MP3


Unknown screams, Devil's Lake SP 11/19/03

Unknown screams MP3


Ducks overhead and hunters, Nine Springs 10/6/2003

Ducks and hunters MP3


Unusual Song Sparrow, Nine Springs 10/6/2003

Song Sparrow MP3


Possible Jaeger and rainbow, Superior 9/27/2003

Jaeger talk MP3


American Pipit and fog horn, Superior 9/27/2003

American Pipit MP3


Bohemian Waxwing and American Bittern photos, Superior 9/28/2003

Bohemian Waxwing JPG   American Bittern JPG


Cliff Swallows, UW-Green Bay 6/1/2003

Cliff Swallow MP3


Le Conte's Sparrow, Thunder Marsh 6/1/2003

Le Conte's Sparrow MP3


White-eyed Vireo, Brooklyn Wildlife Area 6/2003

White-eyed Vireo MP3


Northern Bobwhite, Crawford County 6/18/2003

Northern Bobwhite MP3


White-crowned Sparrows, Dane County 5/9/2003

White Crowned Sparrow MP3


Red-necked Grebe, Dane County 4/13/2003

Red-necked Grebe MP3


Fox Sparrows around Madison 4/10/2003

(With the noisy Beltline in the background)

foxsparrow1  foxsparrow2   foxsparrow3  foxsparrow4


Compare with Song Sparrows:

song sparrow whistles  songsparrow 2


And this mystery sparrow around the same area (immature Song Sparrow?):



Another mystery sound...Fox sparrows or an unseen flushing woodcock?

unk chucks


Loons near the Mendota Mental Health hospital recorded 4/9/2003 at Governor's Island.

Common Loon MP3


Trumpeter Swans recorded 9/19/2002 at Crex Meadows. Note the strong wing sounds as it flies overhead at the end:

Trumpeter Swan MP3


Tundra Swans, recorded 12/11/2002 in Madison. Is there a Trumpeter Swan in there also?

Tundra Swan MP3


Greater White-fronted Geese?, recorded 3/16/2003 on Harvey Rd. near Schoeberg Marsh, Columbia County. There's Canada Geese mixed in there, too (at the end at least). And as always, a plane is flying by.

Greater White-fronted Geese MP3


This is what happens if you get too close to the geese flock:

Geese takeoff MP3


Red Crossbills, recorded 2/9/2003 in Burnett County, Wisconsin. Can anybody ID the type? (see Red Crossbill site at )


Red Crossbills fly overhead.mp3

Red Crossbills chatter.mp3

Red Crossbills trill.mp3

Red Crossbills flush.mp3

Red Crossbills chip while eating.mp3

Red Crossbills combo.mp3


Here are a few spectrograms. Note that the vertical scale is not logarithmic so it might not correspond directly with most standard sonograms.






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