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WINNER: MAMA Award's Unique Album of the Year 2016

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"It is a rare thing that a band’s heart and soul shines so brightly through all aspects of their creative output. Shamelessly embracing the lighter side of life with a formula that is equal parts disco, dancing and bizarre, V05 have struck gold. Only driving my love for the band even deeper into the endless well that is my heart, the band’s make up proves every bit as eclectic as one might expect from a band obsessed with all night dance parties, funk, disco, barbies, theatricality, and outrageous costumes." Milk Crater, a music blog with a heart 

"Hello V05, You folks are FABULOUS! I'm in love with your new record and wanted you to know that I've been playing it on my radio show out here in Humboldt County, CA. KHUM is the radio station. We're legit but not as legit as you. Thanks for making a super fun record." Larry Trask, Music Director, APD  KHUM Radio. Eureka, California

The song Dance Originality is delicious. Great intersection of classic beat, silvery vocals, and surprise Latin flavor at the break. Truly an original."  Disco Lives! by MorticiaJane iTunes Customer Reviews

"The nine-piece disco band, well known in Wisconsin’s private party scene, has been a hidden gem of the dairy state for over a decade...they’re almost like a real life version of The Village People, which may be the reason behind their reluctance to play YMCA....Dance Originality is the steak sauce of music; it makes every form of human motion better by pumping it full of positive emotion." Eric Cullen, The State Times

"Vo5: Thanx for your partylicious CD! On my Monday morning show Jump Start I paired up In Your Dancing Dreams with Ray Charles' arrangement of Shout! I have directed Dance Originality towards our Soul show and our World Beat show. I also like Soul Shiny Day, Baku, and I Love the Sun.  Thanx again!"
  Tom Viele aka RetroTommy, Music Director, WHYS Eau Claire

"VO5 creates a captivating and infectious mix of 1970s-style disco, funk, soul, salsa, world music, jazz, and electronic dance music elements."  Angel Romore, World Music Central

"VO5’s retro disco number is brought to life by a couple of genuinely awesome dancers, against a backdrop that feels like it could’ve been lifted from a funky version of Street Fighter." Kier Wiater Carnihan ,  October's Best Music Videos

"I really, really like it. Not the few more disco-ey ones so much but I was delighted by the ultra-lounge and Latin numbers. It's pretty psychoacoustic!" Sybil Augustine, Music Director WORT Madison currently spinning "I Love the Sun"  

"I have been enjoying it since it's arrival at the 90fm studios. I think some of your cuts will be perfect for the Flash Forward Jam! I'm really digging "Soul Shiny Day" John Louis
Host of The Jam on 90FM - WWSP Stevens Point Radio

"VO5's retro disco number is brought to life by a couple of genuinely awesome dancers, against a backdrop that feels like it could’ve been lifted from a funky version of Street Fighter." "Best Music Videos of October 2015"

"Silly disco-style big band fun. Play if you want to shake your tail feather."  DJ Postnatal  KZSU Stanford University, California

"In Your Dancing Dreams" is fun and FUNKY..."Aurora"" has a really sweet, dreamy vibe; it'll make ya feel good."
André Pettman  KAMP Arizona

Spinning Soul Shiny Day, In Your Dancing Dreams and I Can Feel It - Soul Connection and DJ Brettalicious, KAOS Olympia, Washington

"Is this album FCC clean in its entirety for radio airplay?" Pete Bruinsma, WYCE Music Director Gran Rapids, Michigan
FAQ: YES! No swear words.

"It is unusual for a band to stay together for 10 years, and this album shows the musical lessons learned from performing 70s covers at hundreds of shows. It is rare to see somebody not dancing at a VO5 show, and this set of songs, both dance–friendly and enjoyable to listen to sitting in a car, are unique enough to warrant a careful listen (get a room, make love to these songs!). It is a pleasure to find musical references, conscious or unconscious, amid disco clichés and very original sections. The overall feel of the album is that of musical joy and respect for past artists and musical traditions."  TP for the Rolling Disco Balls magazine

"V05 is hardly in need of publicity, particularly in the summer when it draws thousands of fans in dance mode to all the marquee local festivals." WSJ

WINNER, "Best Cover Performer," Madison Area Music Awards, "Favorite Rock Band," Isthmus Reader’s Poll  VOTD.TV Winner Video of the Day 

Watch entire album performed live for Wisconsin Public Television a few weeks after release

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VO5 -
Dance Originality album Track Listing:

1. Dance Originality (3:35) Feith   lyrics
STYLE: "Love Boat Theme Song" / Chic / Disco / Latin / Ruben Blades

2. In Your Dancing Dreams (4:00) Maxwell/Feith   lyrics
STYLE: Prince / Quincy Jones / Blondie / Disco

3. I Can Feel It (4:56) Rohn   lyrics
STYLE: Disco / Pop / Gospel / "To Be Real"

4. Soul Shiny Day (3:11) Yockey/Rohn   lyrics
STYLE: Jackson 5 / "ABC"/ Chicago / Funk/ Soul

5. Baku (4:29) Szabo   lyrics
STYLE: Eastern European / "I Will Survive"/ World / Kurt Weill / Cabaret

6. The Disco Haiku (3:03) Feith   lyrics
STYLE: Disco / Electronic / Kraftwerk

7. I Love The Sun (4:19) Rohn   lyrics
STYLE: "Brazil" / Bossa Nova / Jazz/ Dave Pell Singers

8. Aurora (6:18) Szabo   lyrics
STYLE: Slow Disco / Bee Gees / Flaming Lips/ Debussy / Synth

9. We're Getting Older (3:24) Feith
STYLE: Jazz standard / Latin / Disco

10. Dance Originality (Null Device Remix) (5:11) Feith
STYLE: Techno / Electronic Dance Music

Catherine Capellaro: trumpet, French Horn & vocals
Gail Campbell: drums
John Feith: guitar, synth & vocals
Kelly Maxwell: vocals
Andrew Rohn: keyboards & vocals
Drew Szabo: bass & spoken haiku
Steve Tyska: trumpets & vocals
Marcy Weiland: keytar & vocals
Jim Yockey: percussion & vocals

Additional horns and flute by Phil Lyons, Clay Lyons, Jim Shropshire and Rafael Arce.

Photos by Nick Berard    Art Design by John Feith    VO5 Logo by Kelly Maxwell

Produced and engineered by John Feith at Subfloral Sound
Madison, Wisconsin

Dance Originality Album LYRICS

1) Dance Originality   VIDEO  ... Dance Originality Dance Lesson

Let's do it on the dance floor,
Let's do it, while we can

Let's do it on the dance floor
Let's do it while we dance
  No need to get a room
     We're practically together

Show me your
     Dance Originality
 Now's the time
     For Dance Originality

We couldn't get much closer
Pervasive sense of skin
   No need to get a room
Let's make love on the dance floor

 Show me your 
    Dance Originality
 Now's the time
      For Dance Originality

Let's Groove it
   And Shake it Then Scrunch down
       To the ground and shout Jump up
   now get down 
 And do it all again
   with a Twist

2) In Your Dancing Dreams

Working for the weekend
I just got to move
Feel that funk a-creepin'
I just got to move
Been too long you're jumping at your skin now
I just got to move

Walk into the show
I just got to move
Dressed up solid gold
I just got to move
Shake it down you know you're looking good now
I just got to move

It’s midnight, and I’m still dancin’
Bar time, and I’m still dancin’
Taxi ride, and I’m still dancin’
Maybe we'll be dancing in your dreams

Mind's in outer spce
I just got to move
Bodies interlace
I just got to move
With the rhythm and the bass, I’m feelin’ good now
I just got to move

Sweat flowing free
You're where you're meant to be
With that boogie body you don't need no partner
I just got to move

I hear music in my sleep tonight
I’ll be dreaming of that funky disco beat
Tossin’ and turnin’ in my sleep tonight
I’ll be dreaming of the night
I felt the music lifting me higher



3) I Can Feel It  VIDEO

This is real and I can feel it
I am alive and I have arrived and I can feel it
When I'm lost in illusion, I don't know what is real
And I'm lost in confusion, I don't know what I feel
  Now I'm breathin' it, breathin' it, breathin' itI am home here—
  I was grown here
   Flesh and bone here—
  I am known here
 Now I'm breathin' it— no need to believe in it
I am alive, can you feel it?
  We’re alive, can you feel it?


4) Soul Shiny Day

When I wake in the morning and my soul is a flowin
Lookin to a sun blue sky
And I feel as high- igh
And my feet are on fire, my spirits rise-in higher and higher
With the brand new day
Chase my troubles a way-yay

Passin lovers on the sidewalk as they walkin hand in hand
Throw the Frisbee to a buddy in the golden sand-and
Laughin way too righteous for the neighbors on the bay
But we just don’t care cause we love dat sweet soul shiny day

You might think its nothing
Just another boring day
You might think that love is
Never ever gonna come your way
And all this time you sitting
With a big ole frown on your face
Just get right up boy
Just get your butt out of this place

Light is pouring thru the meadow diamond dew drops on the grass
Chabas jumping in the puddle as they splash and fall right on their ass
Music swaying through our bodies as our band begins to play
And we love this song and we love this sweet soul shiny day

Soul shiny day, soul shiny day
Soul shiny day, soul shiny day


5) Baku

You walked out one day saying you’d strike it rich in the oil fields
I didn’t take it seriously I’d heard this often before
But the next day you didn’t show up for the family photograph
This final insult was the last straw I couldn’t ignore

I purchased an atlas to check where they kept the petroleum
I filled up a backpack with clothing and comfortable shoes
My search for you took me from Yemen to Outer Mongolium
But finally I picked up your unpleasant scent in Baku

Baku a place of redemption
Where oil flows and the greedy seek their fortune
Marred by Stalinization

Baku was a hangout for high rollers and shady millionaires
The Azerbaijan capitol on the Caspian Sea
I scoured its old city streets wondering if I'd find you there
Then I spied you in a chaikana with your cup of tea

You said you were happy I’d found you
Apologies leapt from your mouth
“Let’s celebrate in my villa this evening
We’ll dine on champagne and smoked trout”

Your sweet demeanor had started to turn me
My thirst for revenge did abate
Approaching your villa that fateful evening
I feared I might capitulate

You poured us some vodka and asked me to drink mine responsibly
By this I inferred that you had every hope I would stay
Despite the temptation to join in erotic activity
The poison went into your glass while you looked away


6) The Disco Haiku  VIDEO 

the disco haiku
penetrates your heart and soul
in your mind for good

sequined bodies glide
rollerskating fantasy
dancefloor lights aglow

timeless is the beat
never-ending harmony
echoes on thin air

transcendental glam
polyester suit, no tie
sweat begins to flow

mirror ball alive
spinning and reflecting you
twinkle, twinkle shining star

dancing heart is free
sensual humanity
beyond he or she

never want to leave
disco loving family
this is what we are


7) I Love the Sun

Each day that you shine— Love so Divine,
Whole as in One
And by the way, I Love the Sun (everybody loves the...)
Ooo, celestial Fire, light up the Sky— You are the One
And by the way, I Love the Sun
Be all you can be when you're with me 'cause we are Free
And by the way, I Love the Sun

8) Aurora

When I gaze up at the winter sky
Hundreds of memories flow on by
Sending me off to a place I no longer go

When I lift my eyes to the stars above
Time disappears and you’re near, my love
Thinking back to a magical night long ago

Wandering in northerly Labrador
Miles of moonlit lands to explore
Guided north by the yearning that we shared

Shimmering curtains that fall from space
Lighting the beauty I see your face
Shrouding in mystery all that we behold

Shielding us from the sun
Illuminating every-one
Shimmering over

Aurora – Moving with the light
Aurora – Scintillating sea
Aurora – Flowing over me

Wandering in Northerly Labrador
Wondering what fate might have in store

Drifting down from infinity
Filling our hearts with serenity

Have you ever seen Aurora?


9) We're Getting Older  VIDEO

Life can be hard
  but life can be good to you
look around until you find
  something that will make you smile
Life brings you down
 but from the ground something will grow
poke around until you feel
 another root, another sprout
so sway with me
       we're getting olderJust sway for now
       we're getting older
Life can be hard
 but life can be good to you
look around until you find
 someone that will make you dance
so sway with me
       we're getting older
Just sway for now
       we're getting older
Voices stay young when they keep singing along
bodies stay young when they keep dancing along
Dance like you're naked, and you wanna shake it

Life can be hard
 but life can be good to you
look around this crazy town
 doesn't it just make you smile?


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